Arkansas entertainment professionals have united to help the Independent Artist Community.  Our mission is to help new artists expand their music careers by offering various services; music lessons and performance opportunities that will help the talented people across the state build a great brand. Our team is prepared to assist all types of talent and numerous music genres. If you are a new talent just getting started or a seasoned professional wanting to add new techniques to your skills and need help getting booked for shows; CEG can help you.

The CEG  team will use their industry connections, business resources, and extensive knowledge to offer multiple artist development services, and opportunities along with marketing strategies designed to increase music sales and boost fan bases.

Collectively the CEG Team has over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and business industry in Arkansas and will offer over 20 different services to Independent Artists.  This unique partnership will develop some of the best entertainers the music industry has ever seen coming from Arkansas, while also strengthening the independent music community.