JR. (3)

Maxie Smith Jr. is entering the independent music industry focused on bringing a new vibe to the music scene. His tagline speaks volumes “music without focus is just noise”. This artist will definitely leave a lasting impression on everyone who listens to his music.


Maxie Smith Jr. “JR. ill”  was born on September 21, 1984, to Tammy Harris and Maxie Smith Sr.  His mother has a beautiful singing voice and his dad is a DJ so music was destined to be a part of this artists life. At the age of 10, Maxie’s dad allowed him to play with a keyboard that he would use to make beats with, while he and his friends freestyled.  

As the years passed Maxie was not really focused on music until his parents divorced and they relocated from Helena, AR. to the city he currently resides in Blytheville, AR.  At 13 He started to write poetry to escapes his problems and when he would visit his cousin Maurice Chandler back in Helena; who was a great lyricist he got introduced to the process of making music.

From the ages of 13-20, Maxie was still pursuing music but life and bad decisions took it away from him. His cousin Maurice died and shortly after his grandmother passed away also. Maxie was close to the both of them and he knew they greatly believed in him. He made a vow to try hard to use music to accomplish what they told him he deserved years ago. “JR. ill” is motivated by the love of true and real music and plans to make it hard for any competition.  


Check out Jr. ill”s new song money calling on SoundCloud  https://soundcloud.com/changeentgroup/sets/jr-ill-money-calling

Money Calling