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Your online presence is a very important part of starting to build your brand.  Our team specializes in artist brand development, and we will customize a website for you that will give your fans a place to go and check out your music along with pictures and videos.   The consultations that accompany this service will also help clients generate additional revenue using their website.  Fee- $150.00 


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Without a marketing campaign, the world will never know who you are and what you bring to the industry. CEG will design a personalized campaign that properly introduces you to your fans. This package also includes a new logo design for the artists brand and three articles centered around new music releases, that we will submit to entertainment blog sites for you. – Fee-$300.00  


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Live performances organized by CEG will give the fans and supporters of our clients an experience they will never forget. We specialize in creating an atmosphere that will allow your invited guests to network and enjoy VIP sections while watching a well-orchestrated performance.

Live radio remotes and interviews are proven public appearance strategies that help artists create amazing fan experiences and bring more people out to see them perform.  With this package, our clients can choose to have interviews and appearances leading up to the date of their performance.


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After you record your music, the real work begins in order to recoup the investment you made by having your music professionally produced.  The Change Entertainment Group has done extensive research and taken courses on Music Licensing, Copywrite Laws, Collecting Royalties and Publishing to ensure that we provide a thorough consultation on this process.

We have the industry details on how to properly submit songs to music supervisors in charge of music placement in movies, video games, and commercials. This package also comes with distribution registration and, radio station submissions in different states.

CEG has exclusive information that will help artists learn the process needed to get music placed on the music industry charts. Our Corporate Radio Spins Consultation can be added to this package for an additional fee.